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Words from FAMFT President post hurricane

Going on day five without power, I woke up this morning sadly thinking, “this is too much- focus Tyon.”  As corny as it may seem, I immediately asked myself why do I need to focus.  What does it mean to focus in this particular situation?  Here is what came to me. There are many times in our life that the lights will surely go out and we may feel discouraged, however, those are the times that we need to FOCUS. For me this means:


In these challenging times look to family and friends to support you emotionally and to remind you of what is truly important.

Outreach to others that may not be in your immediate network and offer help.

Have compassion for others and most definitely have compassion for yourself.  Be kind and patient through this recovery process. Understand that all areas of your life will need extra care and attention to mend.

Unite with your community. It is true that we are stronger together.

Lastly, recognize and acknowledge the strength you already have is enough to pull you through. The great news about difficulties in life is that it prepares you for the next challenge.

I encourage you all to FOCUS. Family therapists are here to help. Check out these disaster relief resources:



FEMA: http://www.disasterassistance.gov/

And visit our website at FAMFT.org for local chapter information. We are here for you.

Best Wishes,

Tyon L. Hall, Ph.D. LMFT

FAMFT President