2015 Pre-Legislative Session Report

By Melinda Piller

There is a great deal of mental health related action in 2015 in the legislature. FAMFT is following proposed bills and acting on your behalf to further our professional status. The following bills have been filed on behalf of nurse practitioners who wish to prescribe medications, administer the Baker Act, etc.

NOTE: HB 547 is probably 100 pages. This bill affects a huge number of statutes, including 491. I have copied the two sections that are included in the bill.

SB 614: Drug Prescription by Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants (FS 491 is NOT included in this bill)

HB 335: Health Care Practitioners (FS 491 is NOT included in this bill)

HB 547: Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: GENERAL BILL by Pigman

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses; Redesignates ARNPs as advanced registered practice nurses (APRNs); provides for independent APRNs (IAPRNs) to practice advanced or specialized nursing; exempts IAPRNs from

requirement that certain medical acts be supervised by physician; revises APRN certification requirements; authorizes APRNs to administer, dispense, & prescribe

medicinal drugs pursuant to protocol; provides for registration of IAPRNs who meet certain requirements; specifies acts that IAPRNs are authorized to perform without physician supervision or protocol; provides for eligibility of IAPRNs for clinical privileges; requires IAPRNs to maintain medical malpractice insurance or provide proof of financial responsibility.


FS 491 SECTIONS THAT ARE IN HB 547 (psychotherapy section)

p. 123, 491.0057the word, “psychotherapy” unless such person holds a valid, 3174 active license under chapter 458, chapter 459, chapter 490, or 3175 chapter 491, or such person is registered as an independent 3176 advanced practice registered nurse under s. 464.0125 or 3177 certified as an advanced practice registered nurse under 3178 practitioner, pursuant to s. 464.012 and, who has been 3179 determined by the Board of Nursing to be as a specialist in 3180 psychiatric mental health.

p. 123, 491.012 (Dual Licensure section)

(1) Holds a valid, active license as a psychologist under 3188 chapter 490 or as a clinical social worker or mental health 3189 counselor under this chapter, or is registered under s. 464.0125 3190 as an independent advanced practice registered nurse or 3191 certified under s. 464.012 as an 3192 nurse and advanced practice registered practitioner who has been determined by the Board of 3193 Nursing to be as a specialist in psychiatric mental health. 3194 Section 74. Paragraph (d) of subsection (1) and subsection

Melinda Pillar at melindapillar@aol.com

Melinda is in Tallahassee & may be reached best by email, but if you need to call her call the FAMFT office at 850-681-3639.

As a chapter leader and member, what do I do first?

January, February, 2015

  • Identify my legislators and district number (recorded on your voter ID card)
  • Organize a legislative committee
  • Recruit and identify a legislative chair
  • Begin establishing a telephone tree/email/text phone contact list for grassroots lobbying

Grassroots Lobbying Committee Actions:

  • Create a contact plan in each chapter
  • Begin to identify those members interested in grassroots lobbying
  • Get on the internet: Online Sunshine Website, Senate and House and identify your legislators committee assignments
  • Plan a visit to your new legislators locally
  • Plan a chapter meeting or event and invite them to attend
  • Become their professional source for mental health issues and questions
  • Follow the plan from Tallahassee during session “Legislative Alerts”

February, March, 2015

  • Review FAMFT Legislative Agenda for the 2014
  • Confirm your legislators and their committee assignments on Online Sunshine Website
  • Confirm phone/email/text contact list

March, April, 2015: Legislative session

  • Respond to all FAMFT Legislative Alerts
  • Contact appropriate legislators, in their local offices, when requested by Tallahassee
  • Follow FAMFT message and directive for all legislative activities and contact initiatives
  • Follow committees of importance
  • Update chapters on all legislative events and information

Melinda Piller, FAMFT Lobbyist, lead the Board & Chapter leaders who visited the Florida Capitol January 2012.

FAMFT members speak with Senator Bill Montford.