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Free PTSD Consults for Parkland Response Professionals by National Center for PTSD

The PTSD Consultation Program through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) began in 2011 as a free service to VA providers treating Veterans with PTSD. The program has since expanded to include consultation to any provider outside the VA treating Veterans with PTSD. In the wake of devastation following hurricanes, the Vegas shooting and wildfires, the PTSD Consultation Program was able to assist in consultation and resources to clinicians treating any impacted, Veteran or non-Veteran. These temporary services now expand to anyone impacted by the Parkland shooting.

If you are a provider treating someone (Veteran or non-Veteran) affected by the Parkland shooting, please consider utilizing this free resource. While the website and materials indicate services for Veterans, the magnitude of these tragedies have allowed for the temporary extension of this program.

Consultation will be provided directly by experts from the National Center for PTSD. Healthcare providers treating such patients can email (PTSDconsult@va.gov) or call (866-948-7880) for free consultation on resources, assessment, treatment, referral options, or any other questions related to helping patients with the psychological effects of these events.  No question is too big or too small.

Additional resources specific for providers on the topic of responding to disaster and mass violence can be found here. Many of the consultants have extensive experience with mental health following disaster and mass violence.  Please consider sharing this resource with your colleagues.



It is especially pertinent during these difficult times to lean on one another for strength, wisdom, guidance, and compassion.


Melissa Tran, LMFT