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Florida’s 2018 Regular Legislative Session: Final Update By Melinda Piller, Ph.D., MPA Florida’s 2018 Regular Legislative Session began with leadership corruption, sexual harassment allegations, critical committee chairs departing, and ongoing criminal investigations. Midway through, what was already a disgruntled regular session, we were all shocked by the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas read more

  The 2016 Florida Legislative Session ended quietly, as compared to the rancor that was so much a part of the past regular and special sessions in 2015.  However, we are now moving into the campaign and election cycle, which may have contributed to the more congenial political environment at the Capitol. As always, the read more

There was a great deal of mental health related action in 2015 in the legislature. FAMFT is following proposed bills and acting on your behalf to further our professional status. The following bills have been filed on behalf of nurse practitioners who wish to prescribe medications, administer the Baker Act, etc. NOTE: HB 547 is read more